At the I Am Project, we are all about living outrageously and loving outrageously, for the glory of God.

We are a ministry that began in Cambridge, UK; we are taking part in a conversation around identity, value and self-esteem, believing that our true identity is found in Christ. We know that life with God is an adventure, and we believe that life to the full begins when we know who we are in Jesus.

At the heart of the I Am Project is the course and sessions that we run, in a variety of forms and contexts. Whether it be a day, a weekly course, a one-off session or a retreat, for young people, students, adults or kids within a Church or community setting, we would love to get involved with your group or ministry. We have been blessed to have the chance to talk to a massive range of people and groups about who God is, and who they are; this is one of the major ways that you could partner with the I Am Project. See an outline of the course here, or get in touch via the Contact Us page to find out more and get the conversation started.

As well as running the course, we blog three times a week through our website, and you can connect with us on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We’d love to chat to you – drop us a message to say hi, or get in touch!