One of our favorite parts of being involved with the I Am Project, is having the opportunity to meet people and talk about identity, worth, value and self-esteem in their own context – whether that be in a youth group, at church, in school, in a community group or somewhere else. The I Am Project began as a ten-session course for young people, but over time we’ve moulded and shaped the course into loads of different contexts for different ages, backgrounds and time restraints.

We would love to come and run the I Am Project in your context or group. Have a look at some of the options below, or get in touch to see what we can do for you.


Option One: The I Am Project course over a number of weeks, led by us

It’s that easy: Factor the I Am Project into your termly plan, and we will come and provide all of the sessions, materials, activities and resources for your group. The course breaks down into ten sessions, but we can shorten or extend this to fit your needs.

All of the sessions are very interactive, with videos, activities, time in groups and games. See below for a breakdown of the sessions:

  1. I Am Not… – What words, labels and stereotypes have been put on me? What kind of boxes have I been put in? I am going to choose not to believe the lies that the world tells me about myself, but the truth of who God has designed me to be.
  2. I Am Good – Because of Jesus, I am righteous and can live as a child of God. How does this affect the decisions that I make, the things that I believe about myself and the way that I treat others?
  3. I Am Loved – Do I live my life looking for love from others, or do I live knowing the truth that I am known and loved by God?
  4. I Am Attractive – Where do I get my worth from? What does the media say about the way that I look, and how does this compare with what God says? What does comparison do to the way that I feel about myself?
  5. I Am Strong – The way that I respond to life is my choice, and my choices impact the world around me. What impact does my faith have on the way that I respond to situations that I am put in?
  6. I Am Capable – I am one of a kind; I have skills, gifts and talents given to me by the Creator, and these will bless others. I am capable of amazing things!
  7. I Am Needed – I have a purpose and a reason for being here; God knew me before I was born and His timing in creating me is perfect. How can I find God’s purpose for my life?
  8. I Am Kind – I have the power to build people up (or tear people down) by the way that I speak to them; my words how power. How am I going to use my words? What about social media?
  9. I Am Enough – What have I learnt about myself? Where am I going to go from here?
  10. I Am, Because He Is – The Person that God is changes everything; life to the full is about running towards Him with all that I’ve got.


Option Two: The I Am Project course over a number of weeks, led by you:

If you would prefer, we are able to licence your group to use the material to run the course, led by your own leaders.

You will receive all of the session outlines in an easy-to-use format; all of the resources and activities in a digital format, all of the videos that can be used throughout the course, and we can meet or chat to you over the phone to make sure you are happy and confident with the material. We will be available throughout the course to answer any questions, adjust the material, or send you additional resources.

You can run any or all of the sessions, and adjust the material to suit your group.


Option Three: A one-off day, session or weekend, led by us

We would love to come and join your group for your special day, weekend or one-off event. The I Am Project can easily be merged into longer sessions and covered throughout the time – chat to us about what this could look like for you.

We will provide all of the sessions, resources and activities for your event, and can get involved to the extent that you would like us to with the rest of your time (e.g. games, meals, chill-out time etc). We’d love to talk to you more about what this could look like – get in touch via our Contact Us form.


Option Four: Ask Heather to come and speak at your event

Heather heads up the I Am Project, and she would love to come and speak to your group, either about some of the topics covered in the I Am Project, or any other subject that would suit your event. This can take the form of a talk for a non-Christian environment, or a sermon, Christian talk or testimony.

Find out more about Heather here, and get in touch.