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We love having the opportunity to meet with young people in their own context, and talk about identity, worth, value, self-esteem and faith, whether that be in a youth group, at church, in schools, in a community group or somewhere else.

We would love to see the I Am Project course reach your young people; the material shapes their understanding around the foundations of the Christian faith and their identity in Christ; encourages them in their faith journey and gives them a space to work through some big questions around a life devoted to God.

And because we want to course to work for you, we have tonnes of options around how it could work in your context: whether you use the material in your own team, bring us in as visitors, host Zoom sessions or run the material over a weekend away, we believe that these sessions will be a blessing to your youth ministry.

So What Does the I Am Project Look Like?

Great question. The I Am Project began as a ten-session course for young people, but over time we’ve moulded and shaped the course into loads of different contexts for different ages, backgrounds and time restraints. Essentially, we can help you build an I Am course around the needs of your group.

The course breaks down into ten sessions; each session is very interactive with videos, activities, time in groups and games. Here’s a breakdown of the sessions:

  • I Am Not…: What kind of words, labels and stereotypes have been put on me? What kind of boxes have I been put in? I am going to choose not to believe things which are not truth, but to look instead at who God says I am.
  • I Am Good: Because of Jesus, I am righteous; a child of God. So, how does this truth affect the things that I believe about myself, the decisions I make, the way I respond to the world and the way that I treat others?
  • I Am Loved: Do I live to be loved, or do I live loved? How would my life look different if I really knew how loved I am?
  • I Am Attractive: Where does my worth and my value come from? What does the world say about the way that I look; and what does God say? What does comparison do to the way that I feel about myself?
  • I Am Strong: The way that I respond to life and the challenges that I face is my choice; and my choices impact my life and the world around me. What impact does my faith and my relationship with God have on the way that I respond to my circumstances?
  • I Am Capable: I am one of a kind; I have skills, gifts and talents that are part of the way that God has created me, and I was made on purpose! I am capable of amazing things.
  • I Am Needed: I have a purpose and a reason for being here; God knew me before I was born and His timing in creating me is perfect. How can I find God’s purpose for my life?
  • I Am Kind: I have the power to build people up (or tear people down) by the way that I speak to them; my words how power. How am I going to use my words? What about social media?
  • I Am Enough: What have I learnt about myself? Where do I go from here?
  • I Am, Because He is: The Person that God is changes everything: life to the full is about running towards Him with everything that I’ve got.

Great! How Do I Access the Course?

Licence the Course to Your Organisation

We would love to provide you with all of the resources, material and information that you need to run the I Am Project in your context.

For a cost of £40, you’ll receive all ten session plans, slides, additional worksheets and resources, and links to all of the videos and additional content needed to facilitate the course.

After that, it’s in your hands – you can use the material once or a hundred times; over ten hour-long sessions or a weekend away. We’re also on hand to help you figure out how the material can be used best for your groups!

Drop us an email below, and we’ll get you set up:

Work with Heather

We can also come and visit your group – whether for a one-off event, a series of sessions, or a weekend away.

Heather will provide all of the resources, take-away worksheets and anything else that is needed for the sessions, and we will fit into the structure that is required by your team – we love playing games, too!

We love these times with groups, and we’ll bring all of the wisdom and material that we have, ready to meet your group where they are at.

As well as the I Am Project course, we have a wide range of seminars and additional sessions, or you can book us in for a visiting sermon. Check out the Seminar page to see some of the options!

Get in touch below to start the conversation:

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