How’s Your Heart?

One of my favourite people in the Bible was a woman called Rahab. She was one of the key players: she saved the lives of two people that God had sent into her land, when they could have been killed, by hiding them in her house, and then telling them which way to run. She made…

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Shake It Off.

I don’t spend much time in wide, open spaces. Cambridge is a very full, busy place – full of universities and students; bustling coffee shops; high streets surrounded by tall buildings. In my standard day, I go from home, to the office, and back again – I might spend some time in the town centre, or…

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You’re Going to Get Through It.

Over the past few months, I’ve begun to realise something terrifying. I’m a grown up. I’m 22 – I graduated university this summer, and now I’ve dived into full-fledged adulthood: I’m working my first jobs, renting a flat, driving my first car, trying to remember what my hobbies were before uni took over; Im paying bills,…

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For a long time, when I pictured God in my head, I thought of Morgan Freeman in Bruce Almighty – an elderly guy, sat on a cloud, looking down on me and judging the way that I do things. The God that was in my head sees everything, but that didn’t feel good; it felt like…

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