Some Tulips, and a Story.
Purple Tulips on a wooden surface. Studio photography

Some Tulips, and a Story.

Tulips have become a bit of a feature in my life. It was my birthday recently, and I ended up with a few bunches around my room from some wonderful friends. I got a new job around the same time, and we celebrated with some tulips. They've fast become my favourite flowers - I love the…

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Shake It Off.

I don’t spend much time in wide, open spaces. Cambridge is a very full, busy place – full of universities and students; bustling coffee shops; high streets surrounded by tall buildings. In my standard day, I go from home, to the office, and back again – I might spend some time in the town centre, or…

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You’re Going to Get Through It.

Over the past few months, I’ve begun to realise something terrifying. I’m a grown up. I’m 22 – I graduated university this summer, and now I’ve dived into full-fledged adulthood: I’m working my first jobs, renting a flat, driving my first car, trying to remember what my hobbies were before uni took over; Im paying bills,…

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