What Do I Need to Hear Today?

What Do I Need to Hear Today?

Today’s journal prompt was this: What do I need to hear today? How can I uplift myself? It was a helpful time of thinking and praying and processing for me, and I wandered if this could be helpful for you, too.

Written to Speak, a brilliant spoken word poet, writes about kind words – about how some days they flow freely from the mouths of the people around us, and some days we have to ask for them to be given; but every day, we need them. We need them like our lungs need the fresh air that only gentle walks in the sweet sunshine can bring.

There’s so much truth in this: it’s not that I need kind words to cement some kind of arrogant understanding of my own greatness in my heart, but rather to bring the best parts of myself out – the parts of myself that I’m not always sure that anybody else sees.

I invite you to sit for a moment with this question:


Today, what do you need to hear?

Today, I need to hear that I am enough. That these times of transition in my life, or the days when anxiety or tiredness or numbness get the better of me are not thinly veiled laziness disguised as rest, but valid and necessary parts of the rhythm of life.

I need to hear that I am understood, and that my quiet voice is heard and known and needed in the midst of all this noise.

I need to hear that I am loved. That my soft heart will be protected, all the days of my life, and that I am safe and have a home in this place.

I need to hear that I am remembered. That in the blink of an eye, I’ve not been wiped from the minds and hearts of those that I hold so close to mine.

I need to hear that I am, in some of the stands that my heart is taking, standing for the right things – that it is not just my arrogance and my carelessness that is shouting into the void, but rather that I am standing with the widow and the orphan, and with those who do not have a voice that will be heard when it shouts.

Today, I need to hear that I am helping: that these things that I am filling my days with are not just meaningless, comfort-blanket tasks to help me fill the void but that somehow, my intentionality and my purposeness are moving the world forward, slowly, towards glory.

I need to hear that although this world is broken, there is a greater home that we are all waiting for: a home that we do not see yet but is there, just beyond the horizon.


So, how can I uplift myself in all of these things?

There are days, we know, when these kind words flow freely from the mouths of those around us, and there are days when we have to ask for them to be spoken.

I can ask for them to be spoken – that is allowed. But failing that, I can remind my own heart of these things:

that I am enough.

that my quiet voice is heard and understood in all of the noise

that I am loved; that my heart is protected, and that I am safe

that I am remembered

that I am speaking for the voiceless and that my words mean something

that I am headed for a greater home.

I can remind myself of these things and that, for lots of days, will be enough.


What do you need to hear today?

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