Comparison is a Punk.

Comparison is a Punk.

Today’s post is live from the train from London Liverpool Street to Cambridge station, hense it’s slightly later-than-usual upload (I’ve been on some cool adventures, which I’ll tell you about another time).

I’m sat listening to a podcast with Bob Goff (my favourite, in case you haven’t picked that up), who said something that caught my attention – he said comparison is a punk.

And it got me thinking.

Comparison is a punk.

We spend so much of our time and energy watching the lives of other people, and wishing that we had their families, their friends, their bodies, their experiences instead of our own.

That’s what comparison is: the constant grass-is-always-greener mentality that pours admiration into the lives of other people, without taking account of our own. What do we gain from that? A giant chunk of bitterness and cynicism; and then less time, less energy in the tank to make our own lives amazing.

That stuff is limited: it has a budget – and we choose, regularly, to spend the biggest part of that budget on something that has absolutely no benefit for us at all. In fact, we’re taking the resource away from our own families, our own relationships, our own circumstances, and throwing it away, failing to see the value in those things.

So, let’s review our budget. Let’s give less time to the Instagram feed and more to the people around us in the moment. Let’s give less of a dang about what other people’s bodies look like, and spend more cares on the way that we think about our own.

Comparison is the act of making ourselves tiny in our own sights, and idolizing others, blowing them up to a level that we could never hope to reach.

Comparison is a punk. Let’s not do that.

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