I Am a Dreamer – Elaine Grant.

I Am a Dreamer – Elaine Grant.

i am a dreamer, i am,

i’m made to see clearly,

made to see nearly as far as the horizon,

made for dancing on the ceiling,

banners streaming,

my eyes gleaming

with tears for that hope i see waiting,

but i won’t wait,

no, i’ll run straight

straight down the road,

regardless of the load that i carry

i won’t tarry

i’ll run wild and free, ‘cause i’m a dreamer, you see.

i am a dreamer, i am,

i’m made for glory,

this you see here is just part of my story,

but when i open my eyes

i can see blue skies dead ahead,

and i will tread

just that little bit lighter

as i remember that i am a fighter

but this battle’s already won

by the one who made the sun to rise

and in his eyes

i see the prize

that i run for and towards:

and he says ‘this is yours’.

i am a dreamer, i am,

and not just for tomorrow

but for today, i dare to believe

dare to have faith that sorrow can be replaced

that mourning can pass and joy take its place

dare to cry out that change is coming

for i hear that rumbling,


sound of Kingdom coming

and the King himself is running here:

demons will flee, the dark will fear,

the prisoners walk free and the lost shout as they hear

the sound of belonging rising in the streets

they stamp with their feet

to the beat of the free.

i am a dreamer,

a wild-eyed believer

in love that is neither

weak nor vague

but is specifically for me,

it screams from the page

as i read, my head reeling,

my heart slow to feel it

my whole self reluctant to reach for it

in case

it crumbles

and i stumble, left undone.

but as i stand paralysed,

i am transfixed, and my eyes

they’re captivated,

i can’t take it

but i also can’t make it go away

love reaches down, reaches in

to my heart, my soul begins

to shake / beat / sing

and i find myself grinning

like i’ve hit the winning inning

in the most beautiful game ever…

all my clever

words and rhymes just melt away

as love blazes.

i am a dreamer, i am,

and it’s not just me

i believe / feel / see

that i’m part of a family

of dreamers

of reckless, beautiful, dancing believers

i am not special

any more than you

i’m one of many, not just a few,

nor a few hundred, but thousands and thousands

together crying out and

remaking the future

calling out to you that

i know a guy who has a dream…

and he’s not dead, no he’s wildly alive

he speaks worlds into motion,

his vision makes life thrive

he calls something out of nothing

and when he dreams he creates not streams

but rivers in the desert

he is not a king but the king

and i dream because i know him

who flung stars into space

and when i see him face to face

my tiny plans are replaced

by his vision after vision,

dream after dream of grace.

i know who he is,

and i know who he made me:

i’m made in his image,

made to dream.

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