Psalm 1 (ish): The Psalm Series

You can read the NIV translation of Psalm 1 here.

This is an interpretation.


I am called blessed.

For blessed is the one who holds on tight to God; in the sunshine and in the showers, amongst the shouts of celebration or the taunts of accusations. Blessed is one who does not listen to the things shouted at them by the world, but turns their ear to the still, small voice that says you are loved; come with me. Blessed is the one who knows who they are, who knows who their God is, who knows what they are standing on when the ground around them is shaking.

They stand because their roots are deep, like a tree next to streams of water that put the life in it’s core and fruit on it’s branches. Blessed is the one who chooses to dig their heels into the ground and plant deep their roots, that they will not be moved when the ground shakes and when the wind roars. Blessed is the one who begins with this life in them, knowing that they cannot stand without it.

Without that water we are like chaff – blown about with the wind, our life determined by the change of the seasons. In the sunshine we could rest; and yet the storm comes and suddenly we find that there is nothing left to protect us.

I am called blessed – because the Lord watches over the life of the one who has their roots planted firmly in him; not lost, but firmly fixed to the one who saves.

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