Daniel Wickstrom: Intimacy with God.

Daniel Wickstrom: Intimacy with God.

How do we do life with Jesus?

For the three years the disciples had with Jesus, this perfect physical representation of God in human likeness. They had Him to touch, walk with, laugh with, eat with and learn from. He was apart of their everyday life.

For me this image represents a lot of my time with Jesus. Sitting in coffee shops, enjoying His presence while being creative and drinking coffee, being so natural and comfortable with Him in all I do.

All of life and ministry must flow out of intimacy. Intimacy with Jesus. The heart of God fully connected with our hearts.

And man, is that adventurous. He takes us out into the open sea, despite the raging waters He upholds us. He protects His relationSHIP with us because of His friendSHIP with us. Even until our old age He commits Himself to us.

He commits to be home for us where ever we are by literally making His home in us.

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