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My name’s Heather – I’m 24 and I’m a youth worker in Cambridge (also known as Roger to the majority of the world!). In October last year, I started putting together the I Am Project – responding to the still, small voice from God, which is calling me to walk in everything I was created to be, and engage with others in a way that calls them into everything that they were created to be. He told me that I am loved, that I am valuable, and capable; that I am here for a purpose, that I have a hope and a future – and if all of that is true for me, then it’s true for you, too. There’s a God who, when he created the world, thought that this place could do with one of you. He made you, he knows the number of hairs on your head, and he loves you more than you can imagine.

This is what is at the heart of the I Am Project – we’re all about living outrageously, and loving outrageously, in the fullness of life that comes from knowing that we are a child of God – knowing not just who we are, but whose we are.

The aim of the I Am Project is to share this message, to raise up a generation of young people who find their identity Christ, and live life to the full in Him. There are two sides to our work at the moment:

  • A course or day, with ten sessions of great material on identity.
  • Online content – our blog, Facebook, Instagram and more – all with the purpose of encouraging people, and sharing this message of how we can live as children of God. We’ve got a great team of creative, wonderful humans who share their thoughts in challenging, engaging ways – at the moment, we’re running our #iamavisionary campaign, which is all about lives that are all about running towards Jesus, and have Jesus at the centre: when He is the vision, we are visionaries.


If you are a leader, we would love to chat to you about how the I Am Project could work in your context. The project began as a ten session course, each session highlighting a truth about who we are in Christ:

  • I Am Not: What words and stereotypes have been spoken over me? What boxes have I been put in? I’m going to choose to believe not the lies that the world tells me about myself and my worth, but the truth of who God has designed me to be.
  • I Am Good: Because of Christ, I am righteous and I can live as a child of God. How does this affect the decisions that I make, the things that I believe about myself, and the way that I treat others?
  • I Am Loved: Do I live my life looking for love from other people, and from the world, or I do I believe the truth that I am known and loved by God, and live from this place?
  • I Am Attractive: Where do I get my worth from? What does the media say, and how does this measure up to what God says? Do I compare myself to others, or do I know that I am beautiful and valuable… just the way that I am?
  • I Am Strong: I can choose how I am going to respond to the situations that I am put in, and my choices have consequences. What impact does my faith have on the way that I respond to these situations?
  • I Am Capable: I have skills, gifts and talents, given to me by God, and these will benefit others. I am capable of amazing things!
  • I Am Needed: I have a purpose and a reason for being here, and I would be missed if I wasn’t here. How can I find my purpose? What is God’s purpose for my life?
  • I Am Kind: I have the power to make others feel good, or feel bad by the way that I speak to them. How am I going to use my words? What about social media?
  • I Am Enough: What have I learnt about myself? I am unique, and I am enough!
  • I Am, Because He Is: The Person that God is changes everything; life to the full is about running towards Him with all that we’ve got.


The I Am Project is very interactive, with lots of videos, activities and opportunities for young people to reflect in a safe place, and can be moulded and shaped into a format that works for you:

  • Ten individual sessions, or part of the course in individual sessions;
  • A day or weekend, which covers all of the sessions;
  • Individual sessions, or a mix of two or three of the topics in one;
  • Messages from Heather, in a wide range of topics around identity and faith.

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